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Setting Yourself Up For Success



Would you consider yourself the CEO of your business...? Or are you hanging on by your fingernails, flying by the seat of your pants, hoping like anything the wheels (or wings) won't fall off? 

 I know from experience, that is an exhausting place to work from – lacking direction, constantly second guessing, hoping for the best, not really understanding what did and didn’t work. It costs you time, energy and ultimately money to run a business from that place. 

This Action Plan is all about setting yourself up for a well planned and well managed year. Together we eliminate the guess work, plan for financial and personal growth, assess what you really want and take the roller coaster ride out of your business. 

My Retail Academy Members generally tackle this Action Plan at the beginning of the year but it's relevant to do it any time. You might like to use this as the jumping off point for tackling other areas in your business or take it on holiday with you as a way to focus to be present "on your business" when you don't physically have to be "in your business".  

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Included in this Action Plan

Included in the Setting Yourself Up For Success Action Plan:

  • closing off the year before.
  • managing cash flow (includes resources).
  • understanding the power of exponential growth.
  • forward planning for profit (includes resources).
  • strategies for keeping the soul in your business.

What Others Are Saying

5 stars top recommendation

Real (old school) paper workbooks!

Hi Sal,  

I just wanted to say how much I love the Retail Academy Action Plans.  

I love that the workbooks are set up so I can write out my ideas, make notes and add my own details.  

I don't always complete every task but I feel like I have the freedom to implement as much or as little as is relevant at the time.  


5 stars top recommendation

I'm seeing results already

Just wanted to say I've gone through and implemented everything you suggested in the monthly workbook. 

Using the templates you provided was so easy and saved me hours of time trying to find the information and figuring out how to make it all work with my ecommerce platform.

I only got the book a week ago and already I'm seeing results.


5 stars top recommendation

Customers are LOVING my new descriptions

With the crazy Christmas season, school holidays and then an overseas purchasing trip, I am only just getting into my Action Plans. I decided to start with the Copy Writing as it seemed it would be th easiest to tackle.  

I'm SO glad I did. It took me a few attempts to find my "voice" but when I did it came so easily. I've already had so many comments from customers saying how much they love the ethical information about each product and they can really feel the quality of my products from my descriptions. 

All the support and feedback I've got from the Members Facebook Page has also been amazing. Such a supportive group of people so willing to help lift each other up.